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Dr. Fekreya Arjamand
Dr. Fekreya Arjamand
Director of Clinical Affairs Department
Dr. Fekreya Arjamand is the Director of Clinical Affairs Department at Dubai Healthcare City Authority – Regulatory (DHCR).

Her department primary functions are to set up, monitor and improve the quality of healthcare services to ensure compliance of healthcare professionals and operators with the rules and regulations of DHCR, and to oversee the accreditation processes of all healthcare institutions within Dubai Healthcare City.

Dr. Fekreya was awarded her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Wright State University (Psy.D), School of Professional Psychology. Her area of expertise lies in adult, couple and family therapy alongside vast experiences in therapy with children and adolescence. Being a certified Gestalt Therapist, Dr. Fekreya is very passionate about working closely with clients to empower them to autonomously make decisions about their lifestyle choice.

She is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of California and New York (USA). She has previously worked at Dubai Police Headquarters as a Clinical Psychologist in the Drug & Rehabilitation Facility and Women Prison. Her subsequent career was at Dubai Foundation for Women and Children for 5 years. Dr. Fekreya has been the Assistant Director for Postdoctoral Fellowship at the School of Professional Psychology (WSU).

Before being appointed as Director of Clinical Affairs, Dr. Fekreya was previously Director of Professional Licensing where she was responsible for the licensing of all Healthcare Professionals in DHCC.
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