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Commercial License Services

Apply for New Commercial License


​This service enables the facility operators to apply for a new Commercial License within Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone.​

1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)

A free zone limited liability company (FZ-LLC) is a company formed as an independent legal entity with shareholders as individual(s) and / or corporate(s) minimum capital requirement for incorporation depending on business activity. To setup an entity as FZ-LLC a minimum of one shareholder and a minimum of one director is required.

2. Branch of UAE Company/Branch of UAE Establishment

A branch of UAE Company is considered a legal depended company that’s is part of its UAE registered parent company outside the DHCC jurisdiction. Any company established outside the DHCC, either licensed as company or establishment can obtain a branch license within DHCC. The Branch Company should be fully owned by the parent company. No minimum capital is required.

3. Branch of Foreign Company​

A branch of foreign company is a legal depended company of its parent company outside the UAE, even if its place of business is not in the parent company’s headquarters. no minimum capital required.


Lease Reservation / Lease Agreement / Purchase Agreement / Title Deed 
Required Documents

For FZ LLC the below documents are required as applicable:View more

For Branch the below documents are required as applicable:View more

Fees (AED)
 Fees (AED)All Fees are non-refundable
Initial application fees3,100AED
Registration fees3,500AED
Commercial License FeesAs per Price List DHCR P​rice List 2018 All Services
Note: Each fee transaction is subject to:
Knowledge fee of10.00AED​
innovation​ fee of10.00AED
Time Frame
Initial Approval: 5-10 Working Days Note: Issuance of Initial Approval will depend on the list of activities and fulfilling the requirements of DHCA and this can be subject to change.
Policies And Procedures

Permitted Activities and Licensing Categories.​

  1. Apply online. 
  2. Select Investor Services
  3. Apply for Issuance of New Commercial License
  4. ​Make Payment (Payment can be made over the counter or via wire transfer)

        Please find below the Wire Transfer details for service payments/Trust Account:​​​

  • Name of the bank:  Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Address: Main branch, Al Shola Building, Al Ettihad Road, P.O. Box 1080, Dubai, UAE
  • Account number: 001520061672102​
  • International Bank Account Number (IBAN): AE900240001520061672102​
  • Currency: AED​
5. DHCR Team reviews the application and submitted documents.
6. Issue Initial Approval.​​​​​​