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  • Medical Complaints: an expression of dissatisfaction by a user of a healthcare service at Dubai Healthcare City which is a result of a clinical intervention. A Complaint may be made by patients, or their legal guardian or patients' representative provided that they have a power of attorney.
  • Operational Complaints: Complaints that are related to a delay in providing medical reports, a copy of the medical records, sick and escort leaves, appointments and issues related to consent
  • Filled complaint form
  • Supportive documents ​
Time Frame
• Medical complaints: 3 months.
• Operational complaints: 5 working days.
Policies And Procedures

  • All complaints to which this policy and procedure is applicable are defined and managed according to DHCR Regulations, any Federal laws and other DHCR Policies and Procedures;
  • Management of complaints will be impacted by the Terms of Reference of the committees and panels mentioned herein;
  • Any potential deviation from this policy and procedure or associated policies must be discussed and agreed with CEO;
  • All members of the Complaints, Fitness to Practice panels and Expert Reviewers must be recruited and involved in accordance with the DHCR Regulations and Policies for Council and committee members;
  • All appeals are managed by the Appeals Board which is an independent body as defined in this policy;
  • Appeals must be sent within 30 calendar days of the respondent receiving the decision letter.