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Department Service

Professional License Services

Activate License

This service enables a professional who is inactive to activate their license within 2 years license​ validity with the same employer.
  • Deactivated license(not expired).
Required Documents
  • Valid MMI under the facility.
  • BLS.
  • License issuance fees.
Fees (AED)
 Fees (AED)All Fees are non-refundable
For activating with the same facility after 60 days of Deactivation600AED
For activating with the new ​facility after 60 days of Deactivation2000AED
Note: Each fee transaction is subject to:
Knowledge fee of10.00AED
innovation​ fee of10.00AED

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Time Frame
10 Working Days
Policies And Procedures
  • Submit an online request
  • Pay required fees
  • Review & approval by new facility
  • Review and approval by PLD
  • License issuance​​​