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Department Service

Professional License Services

Upgrade Professional License

This service enables a licensed professional to upgrade from their license from:
  • Assistant to full
  • General to specialist
  • Specialist to consultant
  • Associate doctor of CAM to a Doctor of CAM
  • A valid License
  • Meeting the minimum requirements of the new grade
  • Passing DHCA Prometric exam (if app​licable)
Required Documents
  • All required evidence of sufficing the new Grade
  • Qualifying Degrees and certificate
  • Experience certificates
Fees (AED)
 Fees (AED)All Fees are non-refundable
Medical License Fees4000AED
Dental License Fees4000AED
Nursing License Fees2000AED
CAM Practitioners Fees4000AED
Dental License Fees4000AED
Allied Health License Fees2000AED
Urgent applications1000AED
Note: Each fee transaction is subject to:
Knowledge fee of10.00AED
innovation​ fee of10.00AED

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Time Frame
15 Working days
Policies And Procedures
  • Submit an online application request
  • Review by PLD
  • Pay required fees
  • Applicant sits the DHCA Prometric Exam (If applicable)
  • PLD review and confirm
  • Confirm with current facility or issue LOA​