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Department Service

Commercial License Services - Operating Permits Services

Change of Medical/Clinical Director

Any company/facility has valid commercial license may need to change its Medical/Clinical Director for a COP. The applicant – who is a logged in user of type "Investor" – chooses a new medical / clinical director. The system routes the request to the selected medical / clinical director for approval. Once approved, the request is routed to DHCR for approval. If the request is approved ,the system updates the relevant COP with the new name of the medical / clinical director.
  • Facility has a valid commercial license
  • Facility has a valid ​COP 
Fees (AED)


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Time Frame
5-7 Working Days
Policies And Procedures
  1. Apply online 
  2. Select Commercial Services
  3. Apply for Change of Medical/Clinical Director
  4. The new medical / clinical director reviews the request and takes the decision.
  5. DHCR Team reviews the application
  6. The COP is updated with the new name of the medical/Clinical director.