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Department Service

Commercial License Services

Transfer of Company Shares

This service is to allow shareholder(s) (Individual/Corporate) to sell some or all the shares to new/existing shareholder(s). 
The shareholder who sells the s​hare​s called the "Seller". The shareholder who purchases the shares called the "Purchaser".
  • ​​​The comme​rcial License must be valid

  • The co​mpany must be of type FZ LLC

Required Documents

For New  Shareholders – Corporate Person ( Foreign Company) 

  • Shareholder incorporation certificate attested by the issuing authority. (Copy)

  • MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Articles of Association).(Copy)

 New Shareholders – Corporate Person (UAE company)

  • Valid Trade License issued by Department of Economic Development. (Copy)

  • Commercial Registry issued by Department of Economic Development. (Copy)

  • MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Articles of Association). (Copy​​)

New Shareholders - Natural Persons

  • Passport Copy/ Visa Copy or Emirates​ ​Id copy 

  • Personal Photo

The output of this service is an updated version of MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Articles of Association).

Fees (AED)

Share Transfer (including MOA & AOA) - Per Instrument = 3,500

For more details click here

Time Frame
2-5 working days
Policies And Procedures
  1. ​​​​App​ly online. 

  2. Select Co​mmercial Services

  3. Apply for Transfer of Comp​any Shares

  4. Add the desired shareholder(s) "Maximum 30 shareholders" who will be involved in the transfer of company shares ​​request

  5. DHCR Team reviews the application

  6. Notarize the generated ​documents then stamp them

  7. Make Payment (Payment can be made over available channels: counter, online, cheque or via wire transfer)

  8. Please find below the Wire Transfer details:

    Nam​e of the bank:  Dubai I​slamic Bank

    Address: Main branch, Al Shola Building, Al Ettihad Road, P.O. Box 1080, Dubai, UAE


    Account number: 001520061672102

    International Bank Account Number (IBAN): AE900240001520061672102


    Currency: AED

  9. Company Registry will be amended​​