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Dubai Healthcare City Regulatory releases new guidelines and policies

Dubai Healthcare City - Regulatory has been keeping busy during 2016 in efforts to regulate evidence based practice and benchmark healthcare professionals at an international standard.
In this announcement we would like to bring your attention to revised guidelines for all healthcare professional categories (Medical/Dental, Nursing, Allied Health and CAM) in Dubai Healthcare City. We have also introduced new licensing titles to ensure maximum licensing capacity for clinical practice; those titles include but not limited to:
Behavior Analyst, Behavior Analyst Technician, Colon-Hydro Therapist, ECG Technician, Echocardiographer, EEG Technician, Endoscopy Technician, Genetic Counselor, Kinesiologist, Medical Physicist, MRI Technologist, Neurodiagnostic Technologist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Orthoptist, Plaster/cast Technician, Psychomotor Therapist, Radiation therapist, Sports Therapist, Sterilization Technician, and many more.
Please refer to our website that has been updated and show all our requirements; General and specific to title categories as well as FAQs
We would like also to remind that all licensing applications are now submitted through E-Services ( without the need for a preliminary job offer from a DHCC operator.
Kindly note that a grace period till 31st of Dec 2016 is granted to all those previously not licensed by DHCR or working in an unlicensed category to apply and correct their professional status, e.g. ABA therapists can now apply as Behavior Analysis or Behavior Analyst Technicians.
Please note that the website will also include the new regulations & policies and it will be updated regularly, please make sure that you are it checking it on regular basis in order not to miss any update.

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