​​​​​Are you a patient at Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)?

Do you have a complaint about a clinic or facility?
FAQ on the DHCR complaints process
Compliance Assurance Department - Customer Protection Unit (CPU)
1. What is Compliance Assurance Department?
It is a department within DHCR responsible for ensuring compliance and enforcement of policies, standards, rules and regulations within the free zone.
2. What are the units under the Compliance Assurance Department?

There are two units under the Compliance Assurance Department: the Customer Protection Unit (CPU) and the Inspection and Enforcement (IEU).

The CPU is responsible for the management and investigation of complaints filed by complainants. DHCR ensures enforceability of its rules and regulations through IEU whose members are authorized to collect information from operators and registered entities pertaining to complaints filed. They are also authorized to conduct scheduled and unscheduled inspection visits to ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

3. Who can file a complaint?

Patients, employees of licensed facilities and entities operating within DHCC, DHCC licensed professionals.

4. How to file a Complaint with CPU?

A complaint can be filed by completing the Complaint Form. The Compliant form should be submitted to CPU along with relevant supporting documents pertaining to the complaint (such as medical reports and the likes).

5. What type of complaints fall under the jurisdiction of CPU?

Complaints against any licensed healthcare professional/s (healthcare facility/ies, non-clinical facility/ies but related to clinical activity, any unlicensed facility/ies or healthcare professional/s within DHCC

How can you get a sick leave, medical report or medical escort leave attested?
In line with its commitment to excellence and smart governance, Dubai Healthcare City Authority – Regulatory (DHCR), the independent regulatory arm of Dubai Healthcare City Authority, is pleased to introduce online medical document issuance and attestation exclusively via its e-services portal ‘Masaar’​. To access Masaar, click here