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DHCA Alert: COVID-19 – DHCC clinical providers to contribute to national efforts with manpower and equipment | Submit details by EOD 8 April

07 April, 2020. In line with national efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA), the governing body of Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), would like to inform you about urgent requirements from hospitals and clinics in the free zone.

As you are aware, the Government of Dubai is strengthening its response to the pandemic in partnership with public and private healthcare providers. Accordingly, the Government is collating resources, manpower and equipment from both sectors.

All private healthcare providers in the free zone and mainland Dubai are invited and encouraged to contribute to this initiative; these providers will be compensated as per contribution. The following are required, as per the capability of each hospital/clinic, bearing in mind that resources would be required for the hospital/clinic to continue functioning:

  • Nurses – total number and designation, including intensive care nurses.
  • Doctors – total number and designation.
  • Beds (not in use).
  • Patient trolleys (not in use).
  • Functioning ventilators (not in use).
  • Functioning anaesthesia machines (not in use).
  • Functioning patient monitors (not in use) with ECG and vital signs.
  • Functioning infusion pumps (not in use).
  • Functioning syringe drivers (not in use).
  • Functioning crash carts with defibrillators (not in use).


A list with the above details should be sent by EOD Wednesday,
8 April to:

We look forward to your understanding and support towards fighting COVID-19. 

Kind regards, 

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