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DHCA Alert: COVID-19 – Latest Guidelines and Advisory for clinical partners effective immediately

26 March, 2020. In line with national efforts towards combating the COVID-19 pandemic, several new guidelines and precautionary measures have been introduced for more efficient utilisation of healthcare resources and to tackle the spread of the virus in cooperation with the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, Ministry of Health and Prevention, Dubai Health Authority and other relevant government entities.

Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA), the governing body the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), instructs all clinical partners and healthcare professionals to adhere to DHCA's latest Guidelines and Advisory that outline immediate changes, provide updates to previously announced instructions, and by way of reminders, summarise ongoing requirements. 

With immediate effect, and until further notice, DHCA requires all clinical partners and professionals to comply with the below.

New instructions

  • Aesthetics and cosmetic: Stop all aesthetic and cosmetic procedures including hair removal, Botox, filler, face-lift, hair transplant, etc.
  • CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) facilities:
    • Suspend: CAM services such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, and Osteopathy.  
  • Compounding: Stop manufacturing and using synthetic and compounding nutritional supplements and intravenous solutions relating to non-therapeutic treatments such as enhancing energy, anti-stress, loss of appetite, hair loss, anti-ageing, enhancing immune and fat burning.
  • Physical Therapy: Postpone the elective cases, limiting the therapy to necessary cases (post-operative physical therapy for example) according to the discretion of the treating physician, and ensuring that the patient's health is not negatively affected.
  • Play areas: Close all child play and entertainment areas and facilities in healthcare facilities.
  • Limit crowds: Reduce the number of patients in waiting areas by scheduling appointments, i.e. a period of no less than 20 minutes between appointments, and minimum distance of two meters between patients in waiting areas.  
  • Voluntary suspension: Outpatient clinics that would like to request for 'Voluntary Suspension of Clinical Services', may do so through Masaar, indicating the period of suspension. For information, email
  • Medication and telehealth: For periodic follow-up appointments for chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, etc, or immunodeficiency conditions, the patient is not required to visit the clinic or hospital, and delivery of medications should be allowed as per MOHAP regulations. (Refer to Chronic Patients Access to MedicationsPatient Access to Controlled Medications; and Precautions taken for Covid 19 for Government and Private Pharmacies.) In the event that the patient's condition calls for examination, the doctor can use the telehealth when patient's condition permits and does not negatively affect his/her health.

Recent updates

  • Teleconsultation: Clinical partners are permitted to provide teleconsultation services without formal approval from Dubai Healthcare City Authority – Regulatory (DHCR) and within licensed specialties. Such sessions should be appropriately documented, ensuring secure and encrypted network is provided to the patient at all times, and that the provided service doesn't negatively affect the patient's health. Refer to announcements dated 17 March, 19 March and 25 March.
  • Dental clinics: Postpone all elective and non-urgent dental surgeries. To ensure compliance, refer to the Interim Guidelines for DHCC Hospitals and Clinics Providing Dental Services, covering emergencies, urgent procedures, and elective/routine procedures.  
  • Home healthcare: All clinics and hospitals can provide home healthcare services within licensed specialties without formal approval from DHCR. This service shall be provided to patients. The home healthcare session should be appropriately documented with visit logs and medical records, and follow applicable infection control practices and standard patient safety guidelines. Refer to DHCR's Interim Guidelines for Home Healthcare Services.
  • Trainings: Postpone approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) trainings and courses (in-person) for healthcare professionals as well as staff. Instead, distance learning methods can be used. The previously communicated date of 15 April has been extended until further notice.
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards:
    • Disinfect the facility, paying attention to reception, patient waiting areas, consulting rooms, elevators (if in a hospital) and all door handles as per HSE preparedness advice (refer to the DHCA HSE Infection Control and Preparedness Plan) and using approved companies (refer to the Dubai Municipality Health & Safety Approved List).
    • Provide hand disinfectants and sanitisers at the entrances, reception areas and raising awareness among the patients of hand washing to prevent the transmission of infection.

Reminder: Ongoing requirements

  • Testing: Check the temperature of all patients, and take travel and sick history – these are important precautionary measures to detect COVID-19.
  • Mandatory reporting: Clinical facilities: Hospitals and clinics in DHCC are instructed to report any suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 based on case definition to the Preventive Medicine Section, Public Health Protection Department, Dubai Health Authority (DHA). In parallel, a copy of this report must be emailed to DHCR via (  
  • Contact details: To ensure you do not miss any alerts and updates, kindly review your contact information (primary and emergency contact emails and numbers including mobile) under 'Facility Profile' via Masaar.

We also created a dedicated email to respond to specific COVID-19 concerns. We look forward to your understanding and support to help limit the spread of COVID-19. 


Kind regards, 

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