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DHCA Alert: COVID-19 Update for all clinical and non-clinical facilities on resumption of services from 27 May

27 May, 2020. In line with national efforts to resume activities in the UAE while ensuring compliance with precautionary and preventive measures, Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA), the governing body of Dubai Healthcare City, instructs clinical and non-clinical partners in the free zone to note the below updates effective today, Wednesday, 27 May, 2020 until further notice.


Clinical partners

Surgical procedures:

  1. Allow elective surgical procedures under general anaesthesia for all medical specialties; operation time should not exceed two and a half hours. Surgical operations may be performed regardless of duration in any of the following cases, and according to what the treating physician deems appropriate:
    1. Emergency surgeries that require immediate surgical intervention.
    2. Urgent surgeries for cases where the patient has pain that necessitates surgical intervention. 

2. The classification of the patient undergoing the procedure / operation must fall under the first and second categories (ASA I & ASA II) under the ASA (American Society of Anaesthesiologists) classification system. The treating physician must take the necessary precautions to provide a bed according to the patient's condition if it requires overnight hospitalisation.

3. Family replacement blood donation is encouraged to ensure sustainability of blood bank stock.

4. Continue cessation of elective surgeries that generate aerosols and restrict these to only emergencies and urgent cases, and as per the treating physician's assessment.


Dental and ENT services:

  1. Resumption of dental and ENT services taking into consideration measures to avoid aerosol generating procedures such as air water syringe and ultrasonic scalers, whenever possible.
  2. Health professionals who are in direct contact with patients must wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including N95 masks; and if is not available, a combination of surgical mask and full-face shield should be used. 
  3. Maintain extreme caution when dealing with patients with an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19:
    • 60 years or older (regardless of medical conditions)
    • Patients suffering from any of the below conditions regardless of age:
    • Chronic respiratory diseases
    • Chronic heart disease
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • Liver disease
    • Diabetes
    • Immunocompromised
    • Pregnant woman
  1. Dental and ENT services for confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases should be postponed until recovery. If carrying out emergency services, these should be treated within a hospital setting in a negative pressure room. 


Operational and general precautionary measures:

  • Pre-operative Covid-19 PCR testing shall be done for every patient scheduled for operation at DHCA-approved testing centre; and the result shall be negative for the last 72 hours prior to the operation.
  • All visitors are mandated to wear masks at all times in the health facility from point of entry.
  • Day surgery centres shall adhere to working hours in compliance with the schedule of the national sterilisation program.
  • Health facilities shall ensure sufficient stocks of PPE and sanitisers for its staff.
  • Staff and visitors are mandated to undergo temperature screening from point of entry.
  • All professionals and workers in the health facility must undergo COVID-19 examination in case of symptoms.
  • Continuous disinfection and regular sterilisation must be carried out as per Dubai Municipality approved companies with attention to reception areas, operation rooms, consultation rooms and elevators.
  • Adherence to physical distancing among the workforce at the facility and the visitors must be practised.
  • Adopt a strict appointment system to avoid patients gathering / overcrowding the waiting area, and ensure no less than two meters' distance is maintained between patients in the waiting area.
  • Maintain a period of no less than 20 minutes between appointments in a manner that guarantees sufficient time to sterilise all surfaces inside the examination room before the next patient.
  • Strict sterilisation must be adopted for operating theatres pre and post operations.
  • Adhere to all precautionary and prophylactic measures and instructions against spread of COVID-19.


Non-clinical partners


The below commercial operations can resume as per applicable guidelines covering preventative measures, maximum allowed capacity, and operating hours.


  • Educational and training institutes.
  • Child learning centres 
  • Sports academies, indoor gyms, sports, and fitness clubs with the exception of services such as showers, spas, saunas and massages
  • Retail stores
  • F&B outlets
  • Salons with the exception of spas, saunas, Moroccan Hammam/baths, massage centres, and home services
  • Commercial offices and buildings
  • Valet services


Partners are required to comply with the aforementioned requirements, and are subject to inspections; failure to do so will result in violations /penalties.


We look forward to your support in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Kind regards, 

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