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DHCA Alert: COVID-19 Update for clinical facilities on resumption of certain services

10 May, 2020. In line with national efforts to gradually resume activities in the UAE while ensuring compliance with precautionary and preventive measures, Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA), the governing body of Dubai Healthcare City, instructs hospitals, clinics, and healthcare professionals in the free zone to note the below updates, following previous circular (dated 25 April) on 'Gradual resumption of outpatient services'.

  1. Elective surgical and non-surgical procedures:
    1. Elective surgical and non-surgical procedures are permitted only in certain specialties such as ophthalmology, vascular, plastic, general, orthopaedic, urology, pain medicine, and fertility procedures (artificial reproductive technology), and only under topical, local and regional anaesthesia, and conscious sedation.
    2. The classification of the patient undergoing the procedure / operation must fall under the first, second and third categories (ASA I, ASA II & ASA III) under the ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists) classification system. The treating physician shall carry out a thorough assessment to ensure the patient will not (a) require converting the level of anaesthesia to deep sedation, (b) require hospital admission, and/ or (c) require blood transfusion.
    3. Continue cessation of all elective surgeries that require deep sedation or general anaesthesia with the exception of emergency and/or urgent surgeries or cases where the patients are in pain and/or based on the assessment of the treating physician.
    4. Visits to ENT and dental clinics must be limited to emergencies and urgent cases, and according to the assessment of the treating physician. All other appointments must be postponed where possible to avoid aerosol generating procedures from dental and ENT treatments that could risk public safety.
    5. All necessary precautions must be taken pre, intra and post-surgical procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

      2. Resumption of the below services:
    1. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) services such as cupping, ayurveda massage, Chinese medicine, chiropractor, naturopathy, osteopathy, and homeopathy.
    2. Hair transplants.
    3. Ear piercing.
    4. Physiotherapy.
    5. Manufacturing and using synthetic and compounding nutritional supplements and intravenous solutions relating to non-therapeutic treatments such as enhancing energy, anti-stress, loss of appetite, hair loss, anti-ageing, enhancing immune and fat burning.


In addition, the below guidelines should be followed by all facilities: 


Partners are required to comply with the aforementioned requirements; failure to do so will result in violations /penalties.

Note: This circular supersedes and replaces all previously communicated guidelines until further notice.

We look forward to your support in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Kind regards, 

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